Rashes along with fever

Chief Complaint A 34 year old male came with rash over the whole body along with fever & night sweats for 10 days. History He has watery diarrhea for 2 days. He has history of HIV positive. Vitals BP: 105/ 70 mmhg HP: 132 bpm RR: 25 bpm Temperature was 105˚F, Oxygen saturation at 100% on room air. Investigation On examination he was ill and had fever, he complained of breathlessness. Diagnosis What could be the diagnosis?




Hazziness noted in left lower zone. Do sputum for c/s and AFB. Do serum electrolytes. Hydrate pt. Do CD4 count. Ensure adherence to ART

Lt paracardiac soft infiltrates Pt is compermised R/o pulmonary tuberculosis

Thanx dr Sandeep Ghodekar

Left paracardiac heziness seen. Possibly segmental collapse consolidation.

Pt is immunocompromised and Hiv positve. Xray chest pa view shows paracardiac homogenous opacity at left basal region. Advise-cbc. EsR. R/o pulmonary tuberculosis. CD4count should also be done.

Immunocompromised state with Diarrhoea , rash ,night sweats and fever... Rule out Pulm Koch's and do Stool R/M with Ova n Parasites to r/o Infective etiology

Xray shows left basal lobe opacity ? Viral or bacterial cause

Left basal opacification Viral or bacterial infection

Left basal atelectesis


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