RCT is successful in this case...

Patient complain of pain in the lower back tooth region since last 5 months AGE of the patient - 16 year Investigations IOPA TAKEN 36 Management Drainge of pus and given antibiotics and recall after 3 days...



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After BMP metapex dressing is must at least for 15 days (overflow in radiolucent area too) thek take an iopa , it may take 2-3 calcium hydroxide dressing for proper healing ... All the best for this case

Thank you doctor.

Drainage of pus properly,after bmp,apply metapex for five days and give antibiotics.after five days see the condition of patient pain.

Thank you doctor.

Root canal open then proper BMP with thorough irrigation with triple antibiotic solution. Atleast 2 sittings . Then leave metapex for 1 week. Again call check for pain and take iopa.. If no pain finish root canal leave for 1 month before capping. Pain should subside to nil n cap after 2 more months .

Please suggest the best treatment plan... Becoz patient is only 16 yr old female

Prognosis poor Endoperio lesion Only Endo treatment not sufficient

Suggest the best treatment plan... Becoz patient is only 16 yr small girl..

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Drainge of pus + proper irrigation + antibiotics + rct( metapex + calcium hydroxide dressings + time ) i think is only way to save the tooth

Post OP Iopa !?


CA of lip