Reason for low CSF sugar


Hypoglycorrhachia is defined as a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) glucose level of <45 mg/dl or a CSF to serum glucose ratio ≤0.5, and occurs secondary to glycolysis by bacteria or leukocytes, and/or by altered glucose transport. CAUSES (1)bacterial meningitis, 2) Fungal meningitis, 3) malignancy (consisting of carcinomatosis, or lymphoma or leukemia with CNS involvement), 4) neurosarcoidosis, 5) neurosyphilis, 6)stroke/bleed, 7) toxoplasmosis, 8) viral meningitis, 9) Meningitis KOCH's.

Conclusion. Thanks for all answers. Cryptococcal meningitis Tuberculous meningitis. Sypholitic meningitis. Neurosarcoudosis. Meningeal carconomatosis

Carcinomatous meningitis