Reason of burning urine sensation after fall on back

62yrs f emale wt 74kg Burning urine sensation after fall on back . May be due to nerve compression or other reason kindly give your valuable opinion Chief Complaints Burning urine sensation since 16 months after fall on back Abdominal pain with burning sensation in epigastric region. pain and dizziness, burning sensation in urine increased in moderation while walking and standing position feel more comfortable in resting share today this with me History No medical history O/H P5L5 M/H menopause 10yrs back H/O Fall on back 16 months ago Vitals Normal




Get a MRI scan of lumbosacral spine to rule out neurogenic bladder There may be traumatic cystocele . But her symptoms are likely to be due to Cystitis and associated U.T.I Get a urine culture done Meanwhile treat for UTI with urinary alkaliser and nitrofurantoin 100 mg B.D for 5- 7 days

Thank you doctor

History of fall and pt pt undergone a series of investigations but important tool xrays are missing Best way to study nerve compression is xray LS region and MRI Burning of urine is unlikely symptom of nerve compression unless pt is on catheter Other causes of burning urine are CYSTITIS UTI CALCULUS PUO

Thanx dr Musthafa kiomars

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Burning micturition is due to UTI/ urithritis. Nerve compression produce increased frequency,precipitancy,retendion of urine and or incontinence.

May be Urethritis, CYSTITIS, Cystocele, ureteric calculi, so please ask for USG of whole ABDOMEN URINE C/S RE URINE

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I agree

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UTI with cystitis Req usg whole abdomen Mean while Start Tab uriflox 100 bd Citralka syrup Repeat urine c/s

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