Reasons you SHOULD marry a medical doctor: 1. Doctors are very intellectual 2. Always professionally dressed and great looking 3. You will get all the medical attention you need all the time 4. You will feel special with all the attention they get, yet you are the most important for them 5. You will learn a LOT about medicine and how to take care of others 6. Doctors are rich!!!!! 7. The most awesome dates ever, in the best places 8. You will save medical bills, discounted medical services 9. They know how to love mentally and they know how to take care of the heart 10. Doctors have seen it all, you will never be bored around them 11. If you want them away, just eat an apple a day! Copied from internet



When the doctor doesn't have enough time for his wife and children whats the use of being rich. This is not all a women will want. My personal take never marry a doctor especially male ones 90% are flirt or have extra marital affairs. There is known general surgeon his wife is anethesilogist Once they both were doing a surgery together the wife sedated the patient and was relaxing, the husband started with the surgery. And then casually the wife took his husbands phone, The husband stopped doing the surgery as he saw that his phone was with his wife he shouted at the nurse to stop doing everthing and take the phone first. Many such incidents i have heard from my colleagues who are married to a medico.

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Every coin has two sides You have elaborated all the positive ones What about if elaborate the negative one It's not a dictom that all the doctors r handsome or beautiful The total thing of the life depends on the level of understanding between the couple. If a doctor is smart & even capable & talented as well workholic, would be able to satisfy his/her pts but would fail to satisfy the family It's very difficult for a doctor to sustain the pressures of the family & the pts unless the spouse is with great understanding If luck favours a 10th standard guy can be a millionaire In nutshell any two persons with good understanding & (good human being ) can make a perfect match.

Still they have higher rates of DIVORCE when 2 doctors marry Or at least they have unhappy relationship!

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Lady doctors should always marry men doctors. And men doctors can marry doctors or other wise!.....personal view.

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More than 80% Doctors that I personally know have Doctor Spouses. But the reality is very different. Sadly, Divorce rate and unsatisfactory married life is very high in our doctor community. Out of the 80% doctors that I mentioned(along with their spouses) around 50% of male doctors flirt around, few even established affairs with their nursing staff, reception staff or other doctors. Dates? I don't know what you are talking about. Barring few people, hardly ever step out for dates with their partners. Medical attention? Doctors themselves neglect their health. Point no 9. I've got no comments sir. When I'm around my doctor friends, the topic is usually about some other doctors. Every coin has two sides. Yes, having a doctor spouse to a female is a huge advantage. Level of understanding is there.she can concentrate on her career But then again, it's not always roses. My better half is a radiologist. So he's always chilled out, while I'm always freaking out. Unmarried girls, like me get a point agreed upon before marriage. We have Sundays reserved for each other. We go for movies and dinners. So that's a plus.

If any girl wants to.marry a medico she should be medico.herself.then she can understand the difficulties & troubles he faces in life. She will share it with him & will contribute to the medical fraternity Only problem is what about the kids. Their upbringing education?.for that medicos parents if they take care of this most important aspect.then u are blessed couple

@Dr. Santu Das I think it all depends on the person, if his priority is his family then he'll find time and be loyal and if not then no one can help in it and it applies not only on doctors but others too. Many people gets attracted towards doctors but finding the one who really worth it is very difficult. As I've said it all depends on person and not on his field or work he do.

Nice post some true saying sum false " If Dr is cute forget the fruits"


Truthfull words about the Medical bills and discounted services...

I agree

Possibility could be anything, it could be positive or negative. It depends on the person and his/her priorities. :)

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