Recc. Appendicitis

28 year female patient c/o pain tenderness RIA/ rt lower back nausea h/o recc. appendicitis s/h/o c Section usg suggestive of rt renal hydronephrosis due to obstructive renal pathway. obstruction is due to appendicitis I think so. is there any solution to appendicitis as conservative management. plz suggest .



How can a appendicitis obstruct,both ureter and appendix lies in right iliac fossa ,u may get confuse as appendicitis and renal calculi diagnoses using usg abdomen ,and with u r yukti.,,,,,all the best

Sir. Plz read again

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Advice USG Abdomen

Already done. plz read again mam

Kaidaryadi kashayam 15 ml bd bf Gokshuradi guggulu 2 TD af Guduchi 2 TD AF

Appendix advise surgeon

Only operation no medicine

Brother it's Vataj Gulma

Just diagnose the patient as per ayurveda then only we can treat the patients from ayurveda easily

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