Recc. Appendicitis

28 year female patient c/o pain tenderness RIA/ rt lower back nausea h/o recc. appendicitis s/h/o c Section usg suggestive of rt renal hydronephrosis due to obstructive renal pathway. obstruction is due to appendicitis I think so. is there any solution to appendicitis as conservative management. plz suggest .

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How can a appendicitis obstruct,both ureter and appendix lies in right iliac fossa ,u may get confuse as appendicitis and renal calculi diagnoses using usg abdomen ,and with u r yukti.,,,,,all the best

Sir. Plz read again

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Kaidaryadi kashayam 15 ml bd bf Gokshuradi guggulu 2 TD af Guduchi 2 TD AF

Only operation no medicine

Advice USG Abdomen

Already done. plz read again mam

Brother it's Vataj Gulma

Just diagnose the patient as per ayurveda then only we can treat the patients from ayurveda easily

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