Recommendations for the surgical management of gynecological cancers during a pandemic COVID-19

Guidelines for surgical management of gynecological cancer during pandemic COVID-19 period - FRANCOGYN group for the CNGOF Introduction Propose recommendations for the management of patients with gynecological cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Material and method Recommendations on the model of consensus conferences. Results In the case of a COVID-19 positive patient, surgical management should be postponed by at least 15 days. For cervical cancer, the place of surgery must be re-evaluated in relation to radiotherapy and concomitant radio-chemotherapy and the value of lymph node staging surgeries must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For advanced ovarian cancers, neo-adjuvant chemotherapy should be favored even if primary cytoreduction surgery could be envisaged. It is lawful not to offer hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy during a COVID-19 pandemic. In the case of patients who must undergo interval surgery, it is possible to continue chemotherapy and to propose surgery for closure after 6 cycles of chemotherapy. For early stage endometrial cancer, in case of low and intermediate preoperative ESMO risk, a total hysterectomy with bilateral annexectomy associated with a sentinel node procedure should be preferred. It is permissible to consider postponing surgery for 1 to 2 months in low-risk endometrial cancers (FIGO Ia stage on MRI and grade 1-2 endometrioid cancer on endometrial biopsy). For high ESMO risks, it seems legitimate to favor the MSKCC algorithm (combining PET CT and GS procedure) in order to omit pelvic and lumboaortic lympahdenectomies. Conclusion During a COVID-19 pandemic, patients suffering from cancer should not lose their luck, while limiting the risks associated with the virus. To read more- Source- sciencedirect



For Gynecological cancers during this pandemic there should be Guideline recommendation proposals in favour of suffering patients particularly early cases.

Not only gynecological cancers...but also for all types of cancer... earliest... guidelines, recommendation, proposals.... should be established... during this COVID-19 pandemic..

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