Recurrent Glioblastoma

Chief Complaint A 63 y/o male presents with the complaint of headache. History 1 year back he came with headache for 1 month which was increased for 1 week. Examination at that time showed increased intracranial pressure. MRI showed a left temporal lesion compressing other structures. Total excision of the tumor was done with no complications. Histology showed Glioblastoma. He underwent radiotherapy and was symptom free post-operatively. His follow ups were wnl. After 1 year he again came back with a severe headache. Investigations MRI was done which shows a residual tumor at the same site. Treatment What is your advise for the patient?


Recurrent glioblastoma temporal lobe Malignant in nature Surgically removed once Now recurrence Assess the size of tumor and preferably removal again followed by chemoradiotherapy

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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Recurrent glioblastoma temporal lobe. Malignant in nature. Needs further evaluation and surgical intervention required followed by chemoradiotherapy. Keeping the age pts vital system and proper assessment can be considered before surgical intervention.

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Recurrent Glioblastoma Already operated and received radiotherapy It's an incurable disease with poor prognosis There is nothing much that can be done Adv Palliative and best supportive care


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In view of his age of 63 open skull surgery is not advisable.. Better to consult Kruti Sturgeon for recent new method of removal.

Further evaluation is required for diagnosis and treatment by an Neurosurgeon & an Oncologist

Recurrent glioblastoma has very poor prognosis. You can consult neurosurgery to see if a re resection is possible, which can happen in 20-30% patients.. If not then one can use Bevacizumab in recurrent disease however the disease control for long time is unlikely. Other chemo option including PCV provide short term benefit. There are clinical trials ongoing using combination immunotherapy, but these are very expensive and with unproven benefit yet.

Glioblastoma prognosis poor Opinion of onconeuro Pet scan

Opinion on oncosurgeon and radiation oncologist.

Recurrent tumour ? Glioblastima Surgical removal followed by chemo and radio therapy

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