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Recurrent malignant Phylloides tumour, operated exactly one year before elsewhere... now presented with thus size... incisionanal biopsy of the ulcer was reported to be ?Stromal sarcoma... ?malignant Phylloides tumour USG and CT of abdomen revealed a partially exophytic mass of 37×35×35mm arising from Rt.kidney which was absent one year before when she was operated for the first time elsewhere.. CT guided HPE of the Renal mass was not obtained... ?metastatic from Phylloides tumour which is very rare... If it is metastatic then the stage is 4.. Any way (?Palliative) removal of the Recurrent breast mass was removed... ofcourse the previous scar couldn't be encircled... Planning for isotope scanning, to study the Renal mass... Suggestions are welcome....


Phylloides tumor accounts for less than 1% of total breast malignancies. Phyllodes tumours of the breast have a propensity to transform into a breast sarcoma on recurrences following surgery but at an unusually low incidence.

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Malignant phylloides tumor are known to recur after surgery Complete Excision with adequate margin is necessary to increase possibility of cure Metastatic lesion behave like sarcoma and usually do not respond to chemotherapy or radiotherapy Palliative treatment may be required

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Phylloid recurring malignant tumour Distant Recurrence survival rate low Opinion of oncologist Breast common site 15 percent is recurrence

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Thax for sharing a rare and specific case Yes it looks pt was not offered or accepted the chemo and radiotherapy when first time operated Yes sir your plan is in good step

Patient with high risk of distant metastasis Management with chemo and radiation

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