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Kindly give your valuable opinion on this ecg? It is of a 60 year old female who is complaining of weakness She is currently on Dilzem 60 mg SR OD, started by cardiologist in the past, as per her it was started for heart enlargement She also adds that she has undergone angiography which was completely normal



We are thrilled that you have taken out time from your busy schedule to post a case on Curofy. However, We are sorry to inform that image in your post is not clear and might not get active discussion. Please edit the image and post again.

I agree

Af Check weather Dilzem is correct or need to change the drug. Bp? Echo? TFT Rft Consult cardiologist

Ecg tracing is not visible.Repost ecg.

I agree

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I can't read the tracing as not focused and temp of tracing is very low

Thanx dr S I Godara

Monitor BP, if hypotension is the cause of weakness. Also check Hb, TFT, k+ level.

ECG is not clear PT have wkness This rquar CBc rft left Wkness may be due to calcium channel blocker

Atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response Borderline high QRS voltage Abnormal ECG


Unable to see the ECG with clarity might be a DELTA WAVE in leads..rule out ?.WPW syndrome.

? Arterial fibrillation...

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