Regarding Coronary Angioplasty

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Depends on Planned ( elective ) or non planned ( after MI) angioplasty. Planned Driving car, normal physical activities, sex , climbing stairs ,can be done after a week. Need to watch for hematoma, infection . In unplanned angioplasty, after MI, period of rest will be tailor made depending on severity of MI, muscle loss, EF , how many vessels are involved, etc. Recovery period will be decided by the attending Cardiologist. It may be from a few weeks to months.

Case conclusion. Thanks for all answeres. You can always return to normal life after angioplasty.Always follow your doctorsadviceon exercise after angioplasty.As a general guide,after a non- emergency angioplasty,typically after a week,you can do moderate activities and resume your normal activities.Avoid strenuous exertion and lifting heavy weight for 3 to 4 weeks.

Yes, one can return to normal activity Not immediately after Angioplasty, but in due course if time one should return to normal activity One should do routine aerobic exercises

As soon as angioplasty done and discharged Only precaution is angio done is femoral or radial Care needed of effect of heparin to be washed off .

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It depends on whether the angioplasty has been done before or after the myocardial necrosis.

After discharged from hospital..