Regurgitation of food one week Loose stool one day Sleeplessness

Male baby of age 1.5 months Chief Complaints Regurgitation of food Loose stool 2 shots in morning Sleeplessness History On mother milk completely Birth history: normal Mother taking medicine pan 40 herself as she feels problem of flatulence on off Vitals Temp: 96.8 Weight : 4 kg Physical Examination Abdomen mild tender Afebrile Investigations NAD Management Need to be discuss.

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It’s GERD, 2 shots of Loose stool....??viral , w/f dehydration Rx no Rx required, Neopeptine drops..5 drops BD Burping,

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Exclusive breast feed Burping Colicaid drop

Is it vomiting or regurgitation of food . Gerd cant b sudden in onset . N its gerd then why loose stool . Might b u r dealing with enterocolitis here . Sleepness might b due to dehydration occuring due to fluid loss .

Continue breast feeding ORS Drop GASTICA 5 drops before feeding qid

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