Renal Calculi with Uterine Fibroid

Age-43y-F c/o- pt present with multiple Lt. sided renal calculi and intramural uterine fibroid.. no any complaints and pt. lives normal routine life without any consequences. past history- Operation of Rt. sided renal stone before 1 yr. Without any symptoms Which homoeopathic medicine I should suggest??



Berberis Vulg Q 10 drops tds Kali Iod 30 tds Nux Vom 200 at night on bed

Calc carb 1m 1 dose at 15 days Lyco 200 Berb vul 200 Management Water should be 12 to 15 glass per day Avoid banana, n sour food

Apis Mel Berberis vulgaris Q

Beriberivulgar 200 wkly once with take water plenty. , As constitution systomps sets puls r lyco 200 maybe helpful sir.

Berberis vulgaris Q 15 drops TDS Aurum mur natrum 3x 2 tab TDS Apis 30 2 drops TDS Ferum matelicum 200 2 drops OD

Berberis vul-30

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy C/O 43 yrs F multiple Lt Sided Renal Calculi And intramural Uterine Fibroyed. * Berbaris Vul, 0, Sarsaparilla

Medorrhinum 10 m 1 dose Fraxinus + berberis Q

Urtica urens Q 15-15 drops BD 15 DAYS AND review

Berberis vulg Q 10drops tds. Drink plenty of water

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