Research Proven Ayurveda Classical Preparations for Aartavaha Strotas Roga.

Aartavaha Srotas comprises of the female reproductive system. The channels which carries Aartava. Aartava can be considered as Bijarupia Aartava and Drusta Aartava i.e. ovum and menstrual blood respectively. The disorders of Aartavaha Strotas includes- Dysmenorrhoea, Leucorrhoea, Amenorrhoea, Oligomenorrhoea, Irregular menstruation, regulates menstruation, DUB, etc Watch the video to know about Rajapravartini Vati, shatavari & Kumaryasava's Action on Aartavaha Strotas Follow this profile for more interesting information



Sir...we can treat it only by seeing it in a way ofarthava vaha sroto dusti.. Excuse me if I'm wrong...when I try to understand it by's getting tougher for me to treat.. with few months of practice to see issues in Ayurveda perspective it helped me and patients quite a lot

i beg to differ on the considering aartavaha srotas as ovum and menstrual blood i do not know who has mentioned it, it should be the cycle not blood secondly all the organs, systems, and their chemicala (hormones, enzymes) which are related to the reproductive system ib female are to be considered as aartavaha srotas and change in the physiological functions will result in the above diorders


Aartava is the essential in female reproductive system . Very clear informative video

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