Research Proven Ayurveda Classical Preparations for Madhumeha Roga.

One of the Most Common Lifestyle Disorder of today's world is Diabetes Mellitus. In Ayurveda this condition is correlated with Madhumeha. It can be managed with Ayurveda medicines having least side effects on the other systems of body. Watch the video & Know about Research proven ways these drugs are used for treating Madhumeha. Share your views about clinical use of Phaltrikadi kwath, Vasankusumakar Rasa, NishaAmalki Churna & Chandraprabha Vati.




मधुमेह एक याप्य रोग है। रोगी को अपनी आदतों को सुधारना होगा। गन्ने से बने पदार्थ को नहीं खाना चाहिए। आपकी दिन चर्या को बदलने की आवश्यकता है।



Phaltrikadi kwath and nisha amalki churn have a best result in kafaj prameh. Trifala ghrut was also best in krush people who have a DM

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Sugger ok ho jatti he koi side effect nahi hutta 15din m normal ho jatti h 5 moth m insulin ban jatti h fir deva ki jrurat nahi hotti 9882266712

Sugger 1mnth m normal ho jatti h 4 4 5month ke bad deva nahi khani sugger bannane wala part ok ho jatta h

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