Research Proven Ayurveda Classical Preparations for Vatavyadhi

Disease caused by vitiated Vata are called as “Vatavyadhi.” There are more than 80 Nanatmaja Vyadhi. Avabahuka, Katigraha, Gridhrasi, Pakshaghata, Sandhigata Vata & Vatarakta are some of the commonly seen Vata Vyadhi Watch video to know about the scientific proven ways in which Vatari guggulu, Mahamash Tail, Dashmool kwath & Chandra kalka act on these diseases Follow this profile for more interesting information



Vatavyadhi External Treatment: 1.Abhyanga with Ksheerabala thailam/Mahanarayana Thailam 2.Svedana with Balamoola Kashayam 1&2 for 7 days if you can admit him and do;otherwise if by family members for 14 days Then start Patrapinda sweada for 7 days Thaila Dhara for 7 days Internal medications: 1.Dhanvantharam Kashayam+Dhanvantharam101Avarta=15ml+10 drops BD in empty stomach 2.Ashwagandharishta+Balarishta 15ml+15ml BD after food These for 3 months After 7 days of abhyanga+sweadana please let him start simple yogic exercises under some trained professional

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Complete Ayurvedic treatment should be given at least one year Start treatment as follows Swaranamakashik bhasma 5gram Mahavatvidhvantaras 10gram Pravalpisttii 5gram Bhruhat vatchitamirasa 2gram Godanti bhasma 5gram All mix &prepared 60 sachet Dose one satcha mix with 2stf bid

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