Metformin and COVID-19: WHAT IS THE LINK?

Researchers have found in an observational study that diabetes drug Metformin may lower risk of COVID-19 death in women. Type2 diabetes (T2DM) and obesity are significant risks for mortality in Covid19. Metformin has been hypothesized as a treatment for COVID19.   Metformin has sex specific immunomodulatory effects which may elucidate treatment mechanisms in COVID-19 Women taking the widely used oral diabetes medication metformin may be at lower risk for fatal COVID-19, according to a study posted on Saturday that has not yet been peer-reviewed.   Among more than 6,200 adults with diabetes or obesity and commercial insurance who were hospitalized with COVID-19, there were fewer deaths among women who had filled their 90-day metformin prescriptions than among those not taking the medicine. After adjusting for other risk factors, they were roughly 21% to 24% less likely to die of the disease.   In the diabetes prevention trial, metformin reduced CRP (the inflammation marker C-reactive protein) twice as much in women as men. Metformin also decreases levels of TNF-alpha, an inflammation protein that appears to make COVID-19 worse, she said. Studies have suggested metformin may bring down TNF-alpha levels to a greater extent in women than in men.



One more feather in the cap for METFORMIN as now list if uses of metformin includes, 1.T2DM 2.DM with pregnancy 3.PCOS, 4.Weight reduced due to olanzapine and clozapine 5.NOW - COVID-19- considering it causes reduction in CRP and TNF - alpha,which causes inflammation in COVID-19 patients worse Thanks,for Updating- Sir

I agree this observation as i have also noticed the severity of ARDS of covid19 was much less in women taking METFORMIN though i have not gone for inflammatory markers as treatment provided in home quarantine But yes six pts of same family were responding in all different ways ranging from 1yr of age to 65 years of age Also noticed the eldest pt 70yrs of age who was on regular exercise and yogas without comorbidies was fastest to recover in 3to4 days though i quarantined him for 15days.

One more feather in Metformin cap.... it is good to prescribe Metformin to all Diabetic/Obese/PCOD patients...

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Very valuable information sir about link metformin and covid -19

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