Resp.AYUSH & HOMOEOPATH Bretheren , Let review DULCAMARA SOLANUM A superb sheet anchor for weather change variation like NS Aranea weathercock like PULS LAC-CAN etc...It is this drug that brought HOMOEOPATHY to INDIA Taxonomy-Plantae-Magnoliophyta-Magnoliopsida-Asteriadae-Solanaceae Common name -Bittersweet Fevertwig Snakeberry Woody Nightshade..Bella is Deadly Nightshade-A type of tomato....If you eat you are gone so only leaves and stem b4 flowering are used as remedy. Therapeutics: Adhesions, Addeniitis Blepharospasm Ptosis ( Gels) TRI hayfever catarrh snuffles , Cerv spine with DM Cerv.Lymphadenitis@AKT, Bodyache CHIKUN...Leucopenia urticaria * Alcoholism -W/S...Scolds everyone withut anger Restless imatience...needed HYOS later... MIND- Restless Mental Confusion Lack of confidence concentration coordination Speeach-Stammering stuttering dearth of words fullness of senses Benumbed, Dominating Haughty Egotism,Curt Anger < Interruption conversation, Asks collects things at night...reject /throws in morn...I conv. to mental and used in * ☆Startled bruxism on falling asleep ( KB) Roses And Brickbats Welcome!!




Respected sir, I have a doubt about whether Dulcamara and solanum trilobatum are same or different. In Tamil we call solanum trilobatum as thudhuvalai, this picture with flowers and berries looks more or less like solanum trilobatum

Selection of Dulcamara is usually based on the causation - sudden change in atmospheric temperature from hot to cold - hence hot days and cold nights towards the end of summer. Belladonna is inimical with the causation - change from cold to hot..such as a hot bath. But the symptoms of belladonna and Dulcamara are almost identical. Desire to escape being the common mental symptom of both. Hence care is necessary in differentiating the two

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महत्त्वपूर्ण एवं उपयोगी जानकारी हेतु आभार व्यक्त करता हूं।

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