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Sir ,this is a case of megacolon which is abnormal dilatation of colon associated with paralysis of peristaltic movements of bowel. Megacolon is 3 types 1Acute megacolon- pseudo obstruction 2Chronic megacolon- congenital, acquired, idiopathic causes 3Toxic mega colon Causesof chronic megacolon are 1 Neurological Chagas disease parkinsons disease Myotonic dystrophy Diabetic neuropathy Amyloidosis 2 Systemic cause SLE Scleroderma Dermatomyositis 3 Metabolic causes Hypothyroidism Hypokalemia Pheochromocytoma Porphyria 4 Medication induced Idiopathic cause 1Hirschsprungs disease 2 MEN type2 3 Waardenburg shaw syndrome Toxic megacolon causes are IBD like Ulcerative colitis Crohns disease Thanks for sharing the wonderful post, sir

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Sigmoid volvulus This occurs in cases of long-standing chronic constipation where patients develop a large, elongated, relatively atonic colon, particularly in the sigmoid segment. It is often referred to as acquired or idiopathic megacolon. In sigmoid volvulus, a large sigmoid loop full of faeces and distended with gas twists on its mesenteric pedicle to create a closed-loop obstruction.

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Large bowel obstruction

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Sigmoid volvulus, long mesentry, loaded colon are main causative factors.

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agree with Dr giridhar

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?Sigmoid Volvulus



Good evening drs this is the case looks like sygmoid volvulus common etiopathology are overloaded colon band adhesions or peridiverticulities long pelvic mesocolon or narrow attachment of pelvic mesocolon this four condition can lead to axial rotation of pelvic colon about one or one and half turn of mesocolon leads to congested bowel by venous compression and gangrene of bowel if remain long so emergancy laprotomy and ditiwisting done earliest before bowel became gangrenous othewise once bowel became gangrenous require colostomy and secondstage colorectal anastomosis thx

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