Respected doctors, please share your insights on world population day.

India being Second densely populated country and the rise in infertility rates increasing day by day. In New York City there are 10,725 people sharing each square kilometer; in Singapore, the population is over 7,300; in Hong Kong, about 6,400; these places can feel as congested as an endless subway ride.So where would you go if you wish to explore the nature and travel the world in solace? 10. Australia - 3 people per square kilometer There are approximately 23,766,500 Aussies living over the 7.69 million square kilometers of island, equaling a density of 3.09. 9. French Guiana - 2.8 people per square kilometer Neighbouring Suriname to the West, French Guiana sits on the North-Eastern coast of South America and comes in 9th with a population density of 2.8 people per square km.  8. Namibia - 2.6 people per square kilometer Slightly less populated than French Guiana, Namibia's uninhabited areas differ greatly from its South American counterpart with the Namib Desert's arid, dry soil taking up a large part of the country. 7. Western Sahara - 2.2 people per square kilometer Western Sahara is a disputed territory located in the Maghreb. It is one of the world's least densely populated places. 6. Mongolia - 1.9 people per square kilometer The country that is known for Genghis Khan and royal breeds of horses is also one of the world's least-densely populated: 1.92 people occupy each square kilometer. 5. Tristan da Cunha - 1.3 people per square kilometer The island is home to only around 262 people, all of whom live on the main island. 4. Pitcairn Islands - 1.2 people per square kilometer The Pitcairn Islands, one of the world's most inhabited locations, are found in the far South Pacific. Belonging to the United Kingdom, only one of the four islands, Pitcairn, is inhabited, with a population of 56 people! 3. Falkland Islands - 0.21 people per square kilometer With a population of 0.21 people per square kilometer, the Falkland Islands, another territory under UK, is the third least densely populated territory on Earth. 2. Svalbard and Jan Mayen - 0.04 people per square kilometre Svalbard has a land area of over 60,000 kilometers squared, it has a population of only 2,667. Jan Mayen is much smaller, with a land area of around 377 square kilometers. However, it does not have a population at all. 1.  Greenland - 0.03 people per square kilometer The world's least-densely populated territory is Greenland, with a rate of 0.03 people per square kilometer Courtesy : Ananya Vivek




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Thank you doctor


Thank you doctor

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