Respected Vaidyas, Let us today discuss about a common road side plant but having use clinical importance, known as " Neem Tree" or " Margosa Tree". NEEM ( MARGOSA ) Scientific Name - Azadirachta indica Family - Meliaceae Sanskrit Synonyms- Arishta, Pichumarda, Hingu Niryasa, Yavaneshta, Subhadra, Sutika Hindi Name - Neem English Name - Margosa tree Odia Name - Nimba Malayalam Name - Veppu Tamil Name - Vepa Marathi Name - Limba Bengali Name -Nimgachh According to Malayalam literature it has 3 varieties - AryaVeppu, MalaVeppu, KariVeppu Morphology - --Fast growing tree approx. 15-20 metre height --An evergreen tree --Leaves - Opposite pinnate leaves having approx. 15-24 or more green leaflets. -- Flowers - White arranged in inflorescence with sweet smell. Male and female flowers appear on the same tree -- Fruits - Olive like, Oval to roundish shape, Rippened fruit covering is thin, with a yellowish bitter + sweet pulp having white hard inner shell ( Endocarp ) -- Seeds - In Endocarp generally 1 seed present ( rarely 2 or 3 ) having brownish covering. Chemical composition - Nimbin, Nimbinin,Nimbidin ( Antibacterial ingredient - Bitter principle of Margosa) Ayurvedic Pharmacology - Rasa - Tikta, Kashaya ( Bitter,Astringent) Guna - Laghu, Ruksha ( Light, Rough) Vipaka - Katu ( After digestion its effect under Katu Principle ) Veerya - Sheeta ( Cold ) Dosha Karma - Pitta Kapha Hara Charak included it under Tiktaskanda and Kandughna Gana Sushruta included under Aragwadhadi Varga, Lakshadi Varga and Guduchyadi Varga Used Parts - Root Bark, Stem Bark, Leaves, Flowers, Seeds,Seed Oil. Uses - 1. Krimihara - Anthelminthic properties due to Bitter principle. Beneficial in Intestinal worms, Wounds as Microbial agent. 2. Vranahara - Helps in Cleansing and rapid healing of wound. 3. Kusthahara - Helps in Various Skin diseases by PittaShamaka activity in Vitiated Blood 4. Mehanut - Beneficial in several Urinary system disorders and in Prameha Also. 5. Kashahara, Charrdi - Hrullassa hara, Grahi - having action of Shoshan Kriya by Kashaya Rasa , so helps in rapid dry up of wounds. 6. Jwarahara and Trut hara As Pitta Shamaka activity and used in decoctions used for relieves thirst in Jwara. 7. Raktapittahara, Arshaghna ( Fruit ) 8. Vishaghna ( Having Antiviral properties , so it's fumigation helps in preventing from Viral attacks ) Common Uses - 1. It's tender leaves on the Phalgun and Chaitra Masa used as Saka as it is the peculiar time of Vasant Ritu and Kapha Rogas are predominant at that time. In Bengal " BAIGUN - NEEM " is a famous item directly served with a Veg plate in Vasant Ritu. 2. Seed Oil is used as Hair oil to kill dandruffs ( Mostly by tribal people in tribal areas ) 3. Tender Neem Twigs are used for Brushing teeth. 4. Neem Churnam is used as " Lepa" ( ancient facial and scrubing) for Acne ( Youvan Pidaka ) 5. Neem flowers are eaten in fry with Brinjal or Potato. 6. In Chicken pox, it is a regular tradition in every Indians home that the bed is decorated with Neem leaves and Bathtub is with Neem water decoction to kill Viruses. Formulations - 1. Pancha Nimba Churnam 2. Nimba Tailam 3. Brihat Manjistadi Kashayam 4. Guggulu Thiktakam Kashayam. 5. Aragwadhadi Kashayam 6. Guggulu Thiktakam Ghritam etc. IMPORTANT In Odisha, the heart of all Indians " LORD JAGANNATH" is made up of Neem Stem known as " DARU " and the Lord henceforth termed as " DARU BIGRAHA".




Some Uses of Neem 1.To cure eczema take 25 grams of Neem bark and mango bark. Boil it in 1 liter of water and apply it to the affected part and later apply ghee on that part. 2.For curing leprosy take 12 grams of Neem leaves and 3 decigrams of pepper, ground them and take with water. 3.Take 15 to 60 grams of decoction of fresh Neem leaves and drink for some days to reduce chronic maleria fever. 4.Take sap of Neem tree comsume 60 grams daily. Simultaneously massage with sap on the body of the patient to cure leprosy. Continue this for about 40 days. 5.Take 3 grams of the inner bark of Neem with 6 grams of jaggery every morning is effective medicine for piles. 7.To improve hair growth and repair hair disorder wash the hair with Neem leaves decoction frequently. 8.Neem twigs helps to increase the salivery secretion. 9.Take handful of Neem leaves and soak in 100 ml of water for at least 4 hours. Filter the water and take 2 ounces of water 4 times a day, it reduces the stomach ache due to excessive pitta. 10.For boosting immunity take Neem flowers soak them in honey and consume them every night. 12.To cure wounds and cuts apply the Neem oil or Neem paste to the affected areas for speady recovery. 13.Neem powder oil is very effective in relieving from skin allergies, rashes, itches and ringworms. 14.Neem water is very effective in treating the injuries caused by burns. 15.Neem oil can be used as hair oil regularly for treating dandruff, removing lice and reducing hair fall. 16.Eating Neem leaves every day will get rid of intestinal worms and helps in restoring the functioning of intestines. 17.Taking Neem leaves internally will purifies the blood, improves the quantity of blood and also thickens it.

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Wonderful Update @Dr. Niranjan Ram sir...... Most commonly used home remedy.... Unbeatable in Krimighna, Vruna Shodhan and Ropana..

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नीम के अनेक फायदे हैं। खास तौर से अच्छा रक्त शौधक है

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