Respiratory Disorder Syndrome in a Neonate

A 3-month-old male child has Respiratory Disorder Syndrome - RDS. His Pediatrician suggested its pleural effusion or underdeveloped lung size. He is under treatment and if child does not respond to the treatment they will have to put child on steroids (Which happens in the rare case). What you suggest for this child? Are steroids necessary in this case?



Babies weighing 500 gm n less is considered as an abortion. I would say neonatologist n hospital has done an excellent job till now in saving baby life . Baby has been put on ventilator n cpap support for a long tym as expected . Still he is oxygen dependent . I think by now baby has developed bronchopulmonary dysplasia or chronic lung disease . That why steroids are in talk. It can b tried . Steroids are even in the antepartum period in which they are given to mother for lung maturation of baby n to prevent intraventricular hemorrhage . Plus the baby is gaining weight here . He needs rop screening and oae too for hearing assesment.

Preterm,ventilated RDS vlbw babies are prone to develop bronchopulmonary dysplasia or chronic lung disease. They need steroids

Is it safe to use steroids.....are there any side effects of using it?

Well managed preterm baby in nicu as a c/o RDS yes steroids will be helpful

Thanx dr Vipin Bihari Jain

Of course steroids are treatment of choice

Steroids to be given with antibiotics will be effective

@Vipin Bihari Jain righr sir

cpap, betamethasone or dexamethosone

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