Revered doctors on curofy, good evening. Identify and briefly describe this condition. The best and relevant answer gets accepted. Regards. (Source : Internet)



This is Werewolf Syndrome. All the skin of human body is covered with hair except palms and soles. Congenital hypertrichosis lanuginosa is a very rare form of hypertrichosis with only 50 cases recorded world wide. The condition is characterized by excessive hair growth on a child at birth, most of the body is covered with lanugo hair which is a fine soft silky hair that covers the foetus which is usually shed at around 8 months gestation and replaced with fine vellus hair. In this condition the Hair continues to grow through out life. The exact cause is unknown, believed to be a genetic disorder that is inherited or occurs as a result of spontaneous mutation.

Seen Similarly in a Hindi Movie.. can anyone name the movie.. First time seen.. First diagnosis.. 1.Hirsutism but certainly not. Second Diagnosis learnt. werewolf syndrome.. Thanks administrator for updating.

Thanks a lot dear Javaid, That's a horror Hindi film, not remembering the name.

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hypertrichosis or ambras syndrome.....may b congenital or growth evn ovr androgen insensitive areas of body.. treatment is temporary by pluckin or depilatories or permanent by laser

Dr. Mohan's answer is pretty precise. Werewolf syndrome

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U r most welcome dear Kaji for presenting a rare case. Thanks a lot.

Thanks Dr Krishna Mohan sir,

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Agree with Dr. Krishna Mohan sir! Accepted Answer from side :-)

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Genetic disorder it know as werewolf syndrome.... all word accepted of Dr Mohan

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