Revered experts, please comment on X-ray bilateral hands AP view findings of a 50 year old lady presented with polyarthritis of 5 years duration with sparing of midline joints.



This lady has been diagnosed as a case of sero-positive Rheumatoid Arthritis. We can see: 1. Crowding of carpal bones. 2. Reduction of radio - carpal joint space. 3. Reduction of carpo-metacarpal joint space. 4. Peri-articular osteopenia more evident around MCP joints. 5. PIP joints spaces are also reduced. Thank you.

wat is clinical presentation sym/assym no of jnts axial/pheripheral constitutional sym morn stiff seasonal var cbc, esr, crp, ua, ana, ra factr, anti ccp d/d oa, polyarticular gout,RA,

symmetric joint space reduction. reduction in radiocarpal space. periarticular osteopenia. ... rheumatioid arthritis

images are not very clear. distal interphalangeal jts involved. rheumatoid arthritis

I had opted for Forensic Medicine so correct my group

juxta articular osteopenia - rheumatoid arthritis

v should evaluate RA / GOUTY ARTHRITIS / PsA

Reiters syndrome.

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