Rheumatoid arthritis

A female patient age 27y, came with a c/o pain in whole body and morning stiffness She is not able to do her household work . Appetite - poor Digestion - poor Sleep - normal Chief Complaints Morning stiffness ++ Difficulty in walking Pain in whole body Vitals Normal



Hot fermentation, advice Rx, Oil Rumarthogold, locally at BT Tab Microprine sos, Cap charcoal, 1 od, Cap evion 200 mg 1 with bbf Syp CAVILYSIN, 2 tsf Bd{pc}

,1) Vrihat vat chintamani Ras 1 tab Maha yograj guggullu swarn 1 tab. Trilok chintamani Ras 1 tab. Swarn sut shekhar Ras 1 tab. Maha vat vidhwansan Ras 1 tab Kamdudha Ras moti 1 tab 2) Maha Rasnadi kwath 1 tsf Dashmularishta 1 tsf bdpc 3) Erand Pak 5 gm bd 4) Maha Narayan tail, Prasarini tail, Shri Gopal tail. Locally

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Rhus-tox 30tds

Constitutional Homoeopathic treatment may be helpful . Advise for healthy diet and yoga.

1. Simhanada guggulu-2tb bdpc 2. Maharasnadi kwath- 20ml+20ml water bdpc 3.panchaguna taila-L/A 4.Tb. Reosto--1tb bdpc 5.Agnitundi vati-2 tb bdac

Bryonia Q 20 drops TDS Cal flour 6x TDS

Change lifestyle Regular exercise and yoga Avoid junk food and fast foods Tab. Triphala BD Tab. Hadjod BD Tab. Shallaki BD

Cal. Phos6x, RT 30, bryonia 30,

Rhus Tox 200 weekly × 4 dose

Rhus tox

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