Right Diagnosis is crucial.

"Nip the evil in the bud" This is so true for today's case.25years/female pt was referred to my clinic .She was 7 month pregnant. C/C Pt had extra orally drainiing sinius tract which was recurrent H/O.1 Asssuming it to be some skin lesion,they consulted skin specialist who advised some oinments and referred her to surgeon. 2 Surgeon diagnosed it to be sebaceous cyst and excised it last month.It recurred. 3As pt didnt have pain, she never visited dentist. O/E BD roots in 36 region were the culprit . Adv:Did extraction with approval from gynaecoligist.



Dx: - remaining root - necrotic pulp with apical abscess Tx: extraction Fistula will heal within weeks Kindly Reinforce oral hygiene instructions

Thank you doctor


Thank you doctor

As patients is in her third trimester so there is need for extra care before coming to any conclusion but in this condition if extraction done then it might be a risky one as LA & post extraction complications can arise due lack of good hygiene ( specially pregnant patients) so if it is possible to delay n as there is no pain so can be delayed under regular monitoring

Doc rest of all her teeth r good.Good oral hygiene,it was her phobia of dentist that she layed extraction.ling standing Root Stumps.

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