right kidney cortical mass, FNAC smears, 62yr/male pt



Smears are cellular showing clusters, focal papillary arrangement of neoplastic cells showing nuclear hyperchromasia, mild to moderate nuclear pleomorphism, abundant fragile vacuolated eosinophilic cytoplasm Background is haemorrhagic No necrosis seen Impression - FNAC Renal Cortical Mass - Findings are Suggestive of Renal cell Carcinoma likely Clear cell Renal cell carcinoma Adv - Histopathologic Examination - Clinical and Radiological correlation

Smears show pleomorphic cells with eosinophilic to vacuolated cytoplasm and anisonucleosis in a haemorrhagic background F/S/O RCC Chromophobe ? Oncocytoma?

It looks like a case of Hypernephroma Do an IVP& if the other Kidney is Normal do a Radical Nephrectomy followed by Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy

RCC clear cell most probably Adv- clinical and radiological correlation

Clear cell Rcc

Clear cell RCC

Rcc. Clear cell

Clear cell rcc

Ccc..in renal

Suggesting RCC

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