Right mandibular swelling

A 58 y/o male presented with swelling over the right mandible OPG shows a large unilocular radiolucency on the right posterior mandible. What is your opinion?



Hy there, As per my opinion it's Ameloblastoma as in the opg, radiographic features of Ameloblastoma can be seen like- 1. Soap bubble appearance 2. Knife edged shaped resorption of roots of molars(typical feature) Rest, in D/D- OKC Thanks.

Aggressive lesion... Could be an odontogenic keratocyst.. Ddx Ameloblastoma ..can be ruled out by incisional biopsy.. Adv Xn of 46 and 47 followed by enucleation and chemical cauterization of the lesion

Keeatocystic odentogenic tumour (KCOT)

Kcot pr ameloblastoma

O k c or ameloblastoma. To confirm through hpe

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