Symptoms- Ringworm can occur on any part of the body. In the ringworm, a round and red colored rash is formed on the skin, around which small small grains remain. It also causes itching. . Acid Carb Q - 30 drops, Tellurium Q - 2 Dram, Acid Chrysophanic Q - Half Dram, Petroleum Q - Half Dram, Olive Oil - 1 oz. Mix them. It is beneficial to wash the place with herpes with lukewarm water. Acid Selesilic Q - 20 drops, Sulfur Iod Q - Half Dram, Acid Chrysophanic Q - 20 drops, Tellurium Q - 1 Dram, Vaseline - 1 Aus - Mix these. This is the ointment. Washing the affected area with lukewarm water provides relief. • Chrysophanic acid Q - 20 drops, Vaseline - an Aus - mix them. This is the ointment. Applying it provides relief in ringworm. But do not apply on soft places like face, genitals etc. Diet- Let the body get fresh air - sunshine. Eat less sweet foods. Do not let constipation stay. Drink plenty of water. It is beneficial to do physical exertion, so that the body's disorders keep on sweating.

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