Role of AYUSH systems of medicine in Cancer Management

It is well evidenced that practitioners of AYUSH systems of medicine are practicing and claiming for the prevention and management of different types of cancer conditions in different parts of the country. Have had any experience with Cancer management through AYUSh system of medicines? Let us Know about your story



O goes a long way from a long time back in the way of healing and diet... Holistic healing has an evidently great part to play wherein the ailment is alchemized...far or near... physically or astrally....and Blessings of Our Beloved Doctor Saheb Dr Darius Homi Umrigar....World famous Naturopath homeopath iridologist auric reader chakra balancing a divine universal Master Healer amongst the nine maverick Doctors mentioned in the Peggy Sarlyns book of Awakening from Alzheimer's... Genomics wellness consultant... Associate members of the Association of the Diabetic Educators and one of Our Esteemed Curofy rigorously working with and under Him for five to six years.... prescribing diet ... which reverses cancers... various cabbage cauliflower broccoli cabbage juice to reverse ovarian cancer... pomegranat es for lung... ofcourse ginger and lime juice are common in all cutting down of infection and lime juice nullifying radiation of chemo or even keeping stomach clean... strawberry helps in reversing cancer...Cancer is a lifestyle ailment.. Can be connected from one wrong lifestyle to another through genes...but nature has given Mankind with indespensable raw fruits and vegetables.. which taken right timewise reverses cancer...Dr.Saheb a specialist in incurable... has survived many such cases..right now I have a case of ovarian cancer... but the ailment is under contro through the right kind of foods..and ginger lime and pomegranat e... which is the mainstay...the person should be without stress...that's the first thing positive thinking..pure veg diet Prayers..grapes help...God bless all and God Bless Our Respected Prestigious Curofy team for all endowed upon all of us that we can speak ou the Truth..The Golden Mean enriched with gems of great tradition of AYUSH...An indespensable gift of Mother All Creation...Thank You All Respected Doctor Sahebs ji..

Thanks ji Doctor Saheb

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Ayush treatment can cure cancer. I can show one of my cases.

That's wonderful Doctor, Many congratulations for the successful treatment. Would love to hear more about this case. Would you share your story with us?

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Adv. Constitutional remedy with PQRS May be Helpful...

Informative post thanks



Radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Cancer ki hotta h jab dig krab hotta h acid banti h caf krab hotta hpitt banti h. To cancer hotta h

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