Role of Prednisolone in Low platelates count related to Dengue fever Or it is contraindiacted??



We see lots and lots of cases of Thrombocytopenia in dengue fever. We see platelet count as low as 10 thousand.personally I avoid using steroids. I don't say they are contraindicated. What I feel is the recovery period increase with steroid usage.its my personal experience since last decade in Pcmc pune very dengue fever is rampant in rainy season

Thank you doctor

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steroids may cause changes in the ability of platelets to get activated with an agonist like ADP. New study provide new insights into how, and why, steroid therapy helps in the treatment of ITP. Keywords: ADP; ITP; P-selectin; PAC-1; platelets.

@Dr. Dineshchandra Sharma sir thanks

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