Rt mandibular swelling :3 days,pain+,tend+,fever+ What is dx,dd n rx?

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Profile pictures masked due to counter irritants. CLINICALLY Rt. Side PAROTITIS. PAROTITIS is due to : * Mumps. * Salpingitis. * Salivary gland duct Bock. * Dental Carries. Dx : MUMPS. D/D : DEPENDING UPON THE CLINICAL EVALUATION. RX : ACCORDINGLY.

Mumps or parotitis... Also rule out periapical abscess.

Dr Farhan this looks more of parotid swelling then submandibular as it's associated with fever, pain & tenderness mostly its unilateral mumps. Kindly r/o any cause in oral cavity just by inspection. And treatment is symptomatic. Usually subsides by 10 days

Its abscess. Look for dental caries. Start iv antibiotics if not responding to amoxclav.

Yes...sir I m agreed with u....chances of parotitis r very less in this case

Mumps .Abscess is also a possibility. Amoxyclav for 7days and serratiopeptidase 5 mg tds for 7days

The patient has buccal space infection, opg required, offending tooth to b removed, drain the abscess n keep on high antibiotics for a week , swelling would subside gradually

I m agreed with u sir

Dear Dr . Farhaan Attar plz hide Pat's identity while taking pics. This can cause serious damage to you if you come across notorious patients. Well this needs more history.

K sir

First do usg to rule out abscess mumps may be the possible cause You can start amoxy clav according to weight associated with omnacortil and start antiinflammatories analgesic

Rule out mumps, hiv, parotitis and mumps n parotitis are self limiting, treat symptomatically,no need of antibiotics

Rule out EBV too

Check oral cavity for caries teeth. Usg to r/o abscess. DD mumps to be considered. Antibiotics and analgesics to be started.

If this is mumps .can we start acyclovir sir?
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