Rtpcr -ve,pneumonia 30-40% two lobe present.inj.remdesivir give or not give.fibrosis not present,



History is not clear Rt pcr negative but lungs are showing patches of pneumonitis CORAD score moderate risk Fibrosis + Have you started Remdesivir or not If not than treat with fapinavir and antibiotics Steroids But if already started than complete the course of 7days Consider clinical status and oxygen saturation

Thanx dr Satish Kumar

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Once rtpcr is negative the viraemia has ceased and hence remdesiver has little role...Better to have the patient evaluated with detailed history , investigations....please mention corads score and CT severity score, age presence of commorbidities ...alongside other investigations CBC, CRP ,il6 , ldh, s.ferritin , d Dimer ... oxygen saturation ...In covid 19 once the pulmonary phase starts with lung involvement steroids is the mainstay of treatment alongside low molecular weight heparin if d dimer is elevated supplemented with high flow oxygen targeting a range of 92-96 ...