Exploretary Ruminotomy. Cross breed cow parturated 1 month ago, Feeding normal, Not shows pyrexia, milking normal 9 litre/day. Only suffered for not more time seating, Owner be confused , I Visit animal, Examined and Detect for Hard Metalic Forign body present in reticulam, Suddenly taking decission for Runinotomy, Removed 3 hard metal parts succesfully. after surgery given neccessary treatment ,advised followup treatment for next 7 days. Today on 3 rd day, Cow reach on 11 litre/day milk. Owner be happy.



Sir after ruminotomy when to advise for feeding and watering.and how much quantity.

After Ruminotomy advice to farmer for 50% feeding of grass (Dry +green ) Water normally, from 3rd day advice for Regullar feeding all types fodder.