Rx fot non ulcer gastric dyspepsia?


You are asking about probably APD like gerd or gastritis These are usually due to wring eating overeating constipation or indigestion secondary to liver disorders Hyperacidity burning ballotment belching are common symptoms Rx ppis with domperidone Antacids containing simethicone like PH4 Digestive enzymes after food Bulk laxatives Improve diet and life style

Functional dyspepsia isocal reaction by hypersecretion of acid. Pentaprozole 40.mg.+ Zomerse one 30 mg . 1 cap early morning on empty stomach. Antacid liquid. Avoid Hurry Worry. & Curry

Non ulcer gastric dyspepsia is Functional dyspepsia Routine causes like gastritis ulcer can't detect on endoscopy Is call n u d Placebo or rebel dsr

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