Safest antibiotic in 8 months old baby with Gastroenteritis

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thats a very vague type of question . diarrhea is mainly viral in this age group . usually zinc probiotics n ors are enough . though to answer ur question cefixime is a good choice

Most of GE in Infancy is Viral, no Antibiotics r needed,unless blood & mucus in stool,here u can use (cefexim/cefpodoxime ),only maintain rehydration, probiotics etc. given

Acute gastroenteritis is a viral disease. It does not require antibiotic for treatment. Only ORS is the treatment. Zinc can be added for 14 days.

Dear Dr. Uzma Alvi, Advice for the case by ayurveda systems of medicine. Agnitundi vati 1/4 pills diluted in 1/4 tsp water tid.

Cefixime & metronidazole...

Cefixime + metrogyl

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