School going Fe child brought by father with H/o Pain abdomen for 3mns and became severe and radiating to back for past 3 days and occ. vomitings . Immediate USS Abdomen shows this image. Diagnosis, cause and management.



GB stone + pain = surgery (cholecystectomy) Wall thickness is normal + no fever = no cholecystitis GB stone+ no pain = no urgency for surgery Courses- Hemolytic anemia- sickle cell trait, autoimmune diseases..... Sometimes GB cyst also look like this only, GB stone always causes shadow effect on USG , here that shadow is not clearly visible.

Shadow is visible madam

Gb calculus with colic cholicystities to be rule out clinicaly if tenderness garding in rhc cbc to see increase total wbc and pericholicystic collection gb wall thickness in this case recurrent gb colic is the indication of surgery now a day lap choly

acute on chronic cholecystitis with cholelithiasis, treat acute phase with inj ceftrioxone,metrogyl and antispasmodic and pain killers as tramadol or diclofenac with ppi.after pain subsided pt may prepare for lap cholecysrectomy.

Gall stone with cholecystitis, advised cholecystectomy under antibiotic cover.

Choielithasis adv cholecystectomy

solitary gall bladder stone


cholelithiasis. The child should be investigated for hamolytic anaemia.

Suggestive of calculus cholycystitis.

single stone in GB, cholelithiasis. but single stone does not cause so much pain.

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