Sciatic Nerve Pain Lumbar disk syndrome includes diseases resulting from disk disorder, either herniation or degenerative change (spondylosis). Massive disk protrusion may rarely lead to paralysis in the lower extremity, a condition termed cauda equina syndrome. Gradual narrowing of the spinal canal (lumbar stenosis), usually from spondylosis, may also cause lower extremity symptoms. PHYSICAL FINDINGS & CLINICAL PRESENTATION Overlapping clinical syndromes that may result Mild herniation without nerve root compression Herniation with nerve root compression Cauda equina syndrome Chronic degenerative disease with or without leg symptoms Spinal stenosis Low back pain, often worsened by activity or coughing and sneezing Local lumbar or lumbosacral tenderness Paresthesias, usually unilateral Restricted low back motion Increased pain on bending toward affected side Weakness and reflex changes (L4—knee jerk and quadriceps, L5—extensor hallucis longus, S1—ankle jerk and toe walking) Sensory examination usually not helpful Lumbar stenosis that possibly produces symptoms (pseudoclaudication), which are often misinterpreted as being vascular. Pseudoclaudication usually recovers quickly with sitting or spine flexion. Vascular disease is unaffected by spine position and is typically associated with atrophic skin changes and diminished pulses.) Positive straight leg raising test if nerve root compression is present DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS Soft tissue strain or sprain tumor Degenerative arthritis of hip Insufficiency fracture of hip or pelvis



There may not be structural changes but only functional changes. Structural changes (pathology) sets in long after functional (sensations) changes. Nice post Dr madam thanks.

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Its cause is variable e.g. wight lifting , any jerk, abnormal posture , long term driving ,sometimes pragnency also


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