#Sciatica #pain and #Treatment. via Homoeopathy Learning System # Sciatica chronic, arthritis, gout, rheumatism and the disease of the spinal cord. Medorrhinum. # Sciatica Lt sided better by motion darting pain in Lt thigh relieved by motion Kali B. # Right sided Sciatica sharp shooting pain extending to knee, worse by motion. Coloch Homoeopathy Learning System # The pains are darting and tearing, aggravated by motion Phytolacca compare Viscum. # Lighting like pains with twitching of parts has to change position. Pains shoot down into the foot Nux vom. # Intractable Cases either side, chronic or acute Carb s. # Intense neuralgic pains whole trunk affected, worse from motion, better while sitting in chair Gnaphalium Homoeopathy Learning System # Aching In bach and thighs, in all joints legs and arms feel heavy. Cotyledon tinctora # Violent jerks in the limb and patient suffers from obstinate constipation chronic cases with weaknesses and stiffness of affected parts. Lycopodium. # Pain in the sacrum, passing into rt thigh down, sciatica nerve worse when pressing at stool, coughing, laughing also while lying on affected side Tell. # Hypericum Q may be applied locally for sciatica neuralgic pain of leg. Homoeopathy Learning System # When patient feels sore all over from head to feet, muscles sore and stiff cab hardly move without groaning Phytolacca has given me most brilliant victories of such cases of Sciatica. # Sciatica with stiffness in neck and shoulders and pain in Lt arm give Iodum # Sciatica pain The combination of following 4 biochemic drugs have proved very successful in removing the Sciatica pain the patient cannot erect and has to stop down while walking. Calc flour 6x,Calc Phos 6x ,Ferrum Phos 6x and Kali Mur 6x .All these medicens mixted together in a tumbler of tepid water and may be divided in 4doses one dose may be taken at intervals of 3hrs. Thus 4 doses per day may be taken until relief is obtained. # Sciatica oedema of the Extremely following inflammation of vein.Apoc C. Homoeopathy Learning System # Sciatica Lt sided with pain and cramps and numbness in calf or feet (a ) worse cold damp weather at night Rhux tox. (B) # Gnaphalium pain accompanied by cramps alternating with numbness # Sciatica and lumbago relieved by pressure and by puling the legs up Mag Phos in hot water. # Acid Sulph Sciatica and lumbago when well selected medicines fail. Homoeopathy Learning System #Painful affection and persistent Bryonia 3 times a day with Merc night and morning, if worse at night Cimcifuga 3times a day and Gel at bed time 2hrly if sleepless Nux vom 3times a day for removing stiffness. # Sciatica rt sided Lyco # For pain in legs while moving or sitting use Dioscorea, Kali phos



This information will surely help in the management of patients suffering from Sciatica which have become common nowadays.

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