9/y/o girl presents with complaint of upper back asymmetry. She denies any pain or noticeable functional limitations. Her father states that he has a history of scoliosis. On a forward bend test, the patient’s left flank and right rib are prominent. The patient walks with a normal gait and has no motor weakness in the lower extremities. Scoliosis-view X-ray is obtained and shows a left coronal Cobb angle of 27° (T9-L3). Prakriti pitta vata & avara agni bala



I have treated 3 cases of scoliosis in this year, all are relief in 3 months. I suggested them to self traction as maximum they can . Shecal tab b.d. +NSAIDS sos Pain subsides with in 7 days Reumatil oil for local applications Hard bed

Full body abhyang with mahanarayan tail and bala lakshaadi tail and Kati basti followed by shasti shali pind sweda Medicine- dhatupostak vati Ashvganda Lakshaadi guggul

Since the Cobb's angle 27° -Back brace is needed to prevent further curving. Orthopaedic consultation needed for suitable Back brace. @Amrit Tanwar

Orthopedic Surgeons Opinion Needed.

Better to take opinion from Orthopedician

Agree with all doctors

अस्थि रोग विशेषज्ञ की सलाह लें।

Orthopaedic surgeon advice is helpful

Orthopedic surgeon's opinion will be helpful in this case

Arnica 1m Ledempal 1m Hypericum 1m

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