See the video of a male 65 years old. (1) Diagnosis of the case. (2) Drugs to be given in this case. (3) Doses of drugs and duration of treatment.



Sir,alphamethyldopa ,paciyane,by trade name appear to be drugs of choice. These r extrapyridcal manifestations , drugs like Kskazine( trade name) r supported to be cause of this side effect, however when side effects out weigh side effects, treatment is justified !

Duration of treatment is till symptoms relieved, most commonly the offending drug is withdrawn symptoms subside/side effects vanish!

1 Parkinsons PD 2 cabidopa/levodopa 3 10mg/100mgtid-qid increase by 1tab/day as &when necessary till clinical cure -antidepressants if required

Resting tremors will be there na madam in PD

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Parkinson's,do tsh,start syndopa,pacitane,pramipexole


Thank you Dr. For reply,this is quite common problem seen in Day to day life,but for it patient don't take t/t.

Parkinson's ds. Pacitane

Parkinson disease

Boss it is Parkinson's disease Best drug is Levodopa 100to200mg TDs for 3to4 yrs

Parkinson's disease ! Predominantly tremors in this patient . Pacitane 2 mg thrice in a day can b given. Doesn't look rigid ... if rigidity is present add Syndopa .

Parkinson Methaydopa is the drug to be given

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