Seizure disorder treatment in Alternative medicine

25/y/o with k/c/o seizure disorder since childhood. Frequency of seizure once in 3-4 months Each episode lasts 5 minutes involving shaking of whole body & frothing from mouth. He is unable to involve in any sexual activity in married life due to fear of seizure. Also this has made him depressed and anxious. He is taking allopathy medications but over time these medicines have now developed side effects such as drowzy feeling, easy fatigue, unable to concentrate on work and hairfal. He has kapha prakriti and good metabolism Suggest treatment options that may be used in such case.



Sir That person should undergo shodhana Mahakalyanaka Ghrita or Panchagavya Ghrita or Bramhi Ghrita / Maha tanaka Sneha Bramha Rasyana Bramhi syrup or Bramhi juice + honey You can use any of Bramhi/ Mandukaparni / Shanka push swarasa i + honey everyday morning Nasya with jyotishmati Shodhana - * Basti + Vamana would be best treatment

Agree with you....

Any reports done. Brain ct, mri helps to assess the pathology. Can take opinion of neurologist. Any treatment and management plan can be derived only after complete analysis of pathology.

Thank you@Dr. Shukla Vikram and Dr.@Nihar Ranjan Mohanty

Any history of fever when the patient was young and after that all these complaint started. He should seek an neurologist .

There are many medicine in homoeopathy which give benifits to him but for prescribing a detailed case history is needed

vamana and virechana mahapaishachik ghrita rasayana sarswata churna

Dear Dr. Vinod Mahajan Sir, Advice for Nashya and Shiro Basti.

I agree with@Dr. Zeeshan Siddiqui

Acid hydrocyanic 200 od weekly

Rx Cuprum met.

Nasya -alternate with Brahmi ghrit or panchgavya ghrita and trikatu churna pradhman Samshaman chikitsa-brahmi vati 2 bd Praval panchamrit rasa 65mg+ unmad gaj keshari 250mg+ guduchi satva 500mg bd with honey Sarswatarishta 15 ml bd

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