Suicide Prevention Awareness

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. According to Indian Council of Medical Research (#ICMR) 1 out of 7 Indians suffers from mental health disorder. Most suicides occur in persons with mental illness. Every 4 minutes a person dies by suicide. India has the largest number of suicides in the world. Suicide is preventable. #suicideprevention #awareness #mentalhealth



One out of seven is a huge number. It amounts to 19 crore people. There is a saying:more mentally ill people are seen outside mental hospitals than inside. How many even take treatment? The problem is the affected people don't know they are sick. People around the person consider him or her as abnormal. They also don't know the person is sick. Our social structure and hardships in life contribute to mental health problems. Any human being if pushed beyond his limits can become something else. One of those outcome is madness. Some of the indicators of mental health are Sleep Self care Insight Perception about others Mature psychological defense mechanisms Self management Gain full occupation Stable family Being in touch with world realities We live in a dangerous world But how danger affect each person and how he handles is different. For example,An army man handle danger with his guns. How do doctors handle danger ? We simply can't shoot to kill. Gaining the trust of people helps. Doing no harm in our profession is still a good policy. If we harm instead of healing,we fail in our profession. We may win other battles. So keep the profession as sacrosanct. We can always change the world if we don't like it,outside our profession.

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