Several stages of the nerves (pulse)

Introduction:-   In earlier time, to known the blood movement and palpitation, pulse was examined. For this purpose, the pulse of the hand was used. Blood goes on circulating in the arteries, situated in the wrist near karasthi. Normally, this artery is known to be pulse. Everybody knows that examine the pulse is necessary for tracing disease. The pulse rate can be felt by pressing the wrist lightly with the help of three fingers carefully.   Different stages of the pulse:- For examine the pulse rate, first of all, put the fingers on the pulse and tries to find different stages of it:- If the pulse feels thick, it should be considered as complete. If the pulse feels little thicker than normal pulse, the pulse is large. If the pulse seems too thin, it is small. If the pulse is thin like thread, it is called thready. If the pulse feels tough, it is called hard. If the pulse seems warm, it should be considered as soft. If the pulse feels solid, it is known to be strong. If the pulse seems weak, it is called weak. If there is no pulse found in the wrist, it is called pulse less. If the pulse rate had stopped while examine the wrist, it is called compressible pulse. If pulse rate goes on even after pressing while examine, it is called incompressible pulse. If the pulse rate is fast, it is called quick pulse. If the pulse rate is slow, it is called slow pulse. If the pulse rate goes on at constant speed, it is called uniform or regular. If the pulse rate does not constant, it is called irregular. If pulse rate stops for a little while, it is called intermittent. If pulse rate goes on haltingly, it is called jerking. If the pulse rate tremors, it is called tremulous. If the pulse rate feels two times at the same moment, it is called dicrotic.   Acknowledgement of the pulse of a healthy person and a sick people:- Pulse rate of the healthy people:- Mostly, complete, uniform, slow pulses are found in the healthy people. The pulse rate of the women and the children is fast (quick) compared to the men. The pulse of the old people is hard. The pulse rate varies according to the age like- In newly born baby                  -       140 In small children                      -       125 In big children (teenagers)     -       100 In the young age                     -        90 In an adult                                -        75 In old people                            -       70 In very old people                    -       50 In the case of disease:- In healthy condition, the pulse rate is complete, slow and uniform and when any type of disordering occurs in them, it is called unhealthy pulse. Finding out diseases with the help of pulse:- When a person becomes sick, his pulse rate is varied. It becomes weak or is changed in other conditions. If the pulse is small and quick, weakness has come in the person. If the pulse is large, quick, hard, full, fast, etc., the person has suffered from fever or inflammation. If the pulse rate is irregular or tremulous or jerking, the person has suffered from heart disease. If pulse is full, the persons is suffering from any acute disease or having much circulation of the blood. If the pulse rate is weak, the person is suffering from anemia and all the body parts get weakness. If the pulse of a person move haltingly (intermittent), he is suffered from indigestion or heart disease. Such type of pulse rate is also found in the condition of taking over tea or excessive smoking. If the pulse is found like thread, person is suffered from cholera, bleeding or lack of physical strength, etc. If the pulse palpitates twice at the same time, the person has suffered from collapse fever or any other severe fever. If the pulse rate is raised in the evening or after taking meals, the person has suffered from T.B. or Hectic fever. Disease and drugs used in it:- 1. Arum-met- If the pulse rate is quick, weak and irregular, Arum-met should be used. 2. Aconite- The pulse is quick, hard and strong, Aconite should be used. 3. Arsenic- If the pulse is quick, thready, small and intermittent, using Arsenic is appropriate.       4. Antim-tart:- If the pulse of a person has stopped and does not feel, Antim-tart should be taken. 5. Opium- If whirr sound produces in the nose and the pulse has become large and slow, Opium should be taken.   6. Acid-mur- If the pulse becomes quick, weak, small and the pulse rate stopped after every third palpitation, using Acid-mur is very effective. 7. Colchicum- If the pulse is thin like thread, using Colchicum is appropriate. 8. Crotalus- In the condition of thready pulse, using Crotalus is very effective. 9. Gelsemium- If the pulse has become soft and weak due to any disease and pulse rate is not felt while examine (pulse less), Gelsemium should be used to cure such symptoms. This drug is used in quick, slow and full pulse. 10. Crategus- Sometimes, if the pulse is quick and sometime slow; pulse rate is irregular, intermittent and weak etc., using the mother tincture of Crategus is beneficial.    11. Glonoine- If the pulse has become hard and pulse rate is felt while examine the wrist; sometime pulse rate is slow and sometime it becomes quick, pulse rate becomes fast with headache or physical movement; pulse is slow and weak in the winter and summer season etc., using Glonoine is very effective. 12. Digitalis- If the pulse is irregular, small, weak, intermittent or full and hard but soft while taking rest and becomes fast by movement etc., Digitalis should be taken. 13. Baptisia- If the pulse rate is not felt while examine it, Baptisia should be taken. 14. Phosphorus- If the pulse of a person is heavy, full and hard, if the pulse rate is fast in the first moment and then becomes slow, pulse is felt thicker compared to the normal etc., using Phosphorus is very effective. 15. Veretrum-Vir- Taking this drug is very useful in the cases of full, compressible and hard pulse and weak pulse rate, thready pulse, irregular and intermittent etc. 16. Secale- Using Secale is very effective in the conditions of small, quick, compressible and intermittent pulses. 17. Larosiresus- If the pulse has become slowest, taking Larosiresus is very effective. Different drugs are used in different conditions of the pulse:- Use the following drugs in the condition of intermittent pulse- Iberis, Merc, Carbo-veg, Digitalis, Opium, Lyco, Natrum-mur, Bell, Nux-vomica, Vere-Vir, Crategus, Acon or Acid-phos, etc. One of these drugs can be used in intermittent pulse that occurs due to mental anxiety, depression, sadness, hopeless, loss in the business, angry, etc. When pulse is found as full and strong, Aconite, Opium, Arum, Belladonna or Veretrum-Vir, etc. are used. The pulse rate is not found during examination whether the third, fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh times, etc., Acid-mur or Digi is used in such condition. Use following drugs in the condition of irregular pulse- Cactus, Crategus, Digi, Acid-hydro, Arnica, Ars, Arum, Iberis, Lache, Natrum-mur, Spigelia, Lyco, Naja, Phos-acid, Tabecum or Veretrum-Vir, etc. One of following drugs can be used in quick pulse like- Acon, Antim-tart, Iberis, Lyco, Bell, Gels, Naja, Phos, Crategus or Digi, etc. If the pulse is irregular; sometime it is fast and sometime becomes slow; using Gelsemium, Digitalis or Glonoine, etc. If pulse rate is not found during examine (pulse less), Ars, Gels, Phos, Vire-vire, Ferrum-phos, etc. should be used. If pulse becomes quick in the morning, using Arsenic or Sulphur is beneficial. If the pulse is hard, one of these drugs can be used like- Acon, Bell, Stramo, Barberis, Chelido, Bayo, Hyos, Antim-tart, Cantharis, China, Sulphur, Nux-vom or Silica, etc. If the pulse throbs, Acon, Arnica, Arum or Plumbum, etc. are used. In the condition of tremulous pulse, use drugs like- Antim-tart, Cicuta, Rhus-tox, Calca-carb, Spige, Ars, Sepia, Helle, Sabai, Bell or Gels, etc. Use these drugs in the cases of weak, thready pulse or in pulse less, etc- Ars, Arum, Digi, Gels, Acid-hydro, Cactus, Camphor, Loro, Lache, Acid-mur, Spi, Phospho, Phos-acid, Vire-alb, Vire-vire or Ferrum-met, etc. If pulse rate is felt two times at the same time, Plumbum, Agaricus, Phosphorus, Stramonium or Belladonna, etc. should be taken. If the pulse rate is weaker than heart beat, Digi, Loro, Helle, Cannabis, Secale, Vire-album, Sativa, Agaricus or Dulkamara, etc. are used. Taking one of following drugs is very effective in the case of pulse less- Carbo-veg, Cuprum, Vere-alb, Naja, Ars, Silicea, Opium, Colchicum, Secale, Merc, Cantharis, Ipe, Phosphorus, Rhus-tox, Tabecum, Stramonium, Acid-Phos or Cactus, etc. Note:- In different symptoms of pulse rate, 3x or 6 potency of above said drugs should be used.


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