Severe gingival enlargement I have done scaling no systemic and drug history suggest other treatments



go for opg , see any bone loss.

scaling n antibiotics course should be done

sub gingival scaling followed by root planing n hexidine mouthwash n gum gel

Almost all above treatments are proper... adding to that about etiology it seems to be hormonal. you have not mentioned the age, but it seems to be pubertal hormones which are responsible, so it will subside after your treatment & as soon as puberty goes

go for scaling 2-3 times in several intervals. if it doesn't recover than u can open flap and cleaning and root planing should be done for lower anterior region it wll cure it definitely.

this condition is inflammatory.. calculus can be seen...Do proper scaling followed by antibiotic coverge and OTC should subside..

do scaling n root planning followed by irrigation with h2o2with dilution of normal saline .. after that irrigate with normal saline .. reapeate the procedure for atleast 3-4 times .. than finally irrigate with chlorhex.. prescribe a gum paint ,mouthwash ,omnident paste ,and cap.doxy1 LB Bd for 5 days

do subgingival scaling and prescribe tab metronidazole,hexidine mouth wash,dentogel

do full mouth sub gingival scaling n prescribe hexigel for oral massage n stolin r dental paste.Also teach patient to brush twice n the correct way for brushing.

Its inflamatory gingival hyperplasia. Subgingival scaling followed by root planing. Put him on Topical metrogy DG gel with gum astringents. To reduce inflammatory component due to which shallow and pseudo pockets eliminated. Review after 3 months if again pockets present go with scaling, root planing and subgingivally pack PERIODONTAL PLUS AB for 14 days.

Is it surgical pack?

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