Severe Headache

33 years old man presents complaining of a severe headache. The headache started 24 h previously and has rapidly become more intense. He describes the headache as generalized in his head. He has vomited twice and appears to be developing drowsiness and confusion. He finds bright lights uncomfortable. There is no significant previous medical history or history of any systemic diseases or allergy. He smokes 10 cigarettes per day and also has history of chronic alcoholism. He is pitta vata prakriti and has sama mala & jihva.




Seems to be migraine, advise not to take Alcohol and smoke cigarettes and maintain health lifestyle with exercise and healthy diet. In our Homoeopathy constitutional treatment may be helpful

सम्भवतः रोगी मानसिक तनाव से ग्रस्त है। चिकित्सा संबंधी योग,,,, तगर 50 ग्राम जटामांसी 25 ग्राम खुराशानी अजवाइन 15 ग्राम लेकर पाउडर बनाकर 5 ग्राम सुबह-शाम खाने से पहले दें। अश्वगंधारिष्ट 25 ग्राम सुबह-शाम खाने के बाद दें। योग परिक्षित है। पिछले 40 वर्ष से प्रयोग कर रहा हूं।

Seems to b migraine. Shirshoolvajradi ras, sootshekhar ras,tab Shalakki, Brahmi vati, yashtimadhu Churna,amlantt cap, dhoot papeshwar ras, godanti bhasm and kamdudha ras with shudh ghee helpful..Adv CT scan too.

Firstly adv some needful investigation CT Head. B.sugar. CBC BP...... Temp.....

A big glass of orange juice fresh with mint the day having mint leaves in whatever form... alkaline diet beetroot coriander juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri green leafy vegetables guava figs raisins apricots dates ginger carrots pomegranates muskmelon walnuts blue berries sunshine walk prayers cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval lime smoking no alcohol...if craving for smoking remember fire is pure and can't be mixed with saliva.....if craving for alcohol have orange juice and remember it is much more effective with mint leaves than alcohol...listen to music get engrossed in symphony music..... needs counselling calmness symphony music

Tab cephagrain Shirobhyanga Ashwagandharista Shadbindu tail nasya Laghusutshekhar ras Avipittakr churn

Headache Sirshuladi vati, shirodhara

Nux 200

Nux -vom 1m one dose. Followed by bell 30.tds

Advice CT scan.

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