severe itchy & painful lesions on labia on & off since one year.



Dr Srinivasa The possible diagnosis are Lichen simplex chronicus Lichen planus Management..... Moisturising urea lactic cream like Moisturex, Aquadrate in morning Mometasone with salicylic acid ointment In night Antihistamines V Wash vaginal foam wash Stress related need counselling. Other DD to consider Vaginal infections... Trichomoniasis, candidiasis, tinea cruris Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus which look atrophic with depigmentation in the labia minora

agree with Dr Avitus on this

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lichen simplex chronicus

lichen simplex chronicus dd lichen planus many times has anxiety or depression as psychiatric basis

Tenia dd lichen planus

Agree with Dr.Avitus John sir


lichen simplex chronicus DD's interrigo,lichenplanus ,Tinea

give her antifungal. tab fluconazol 150 1 tab per week for 6 weeks.

thanq.what is dd?

lichen simplex chronicus

age of patient? if above twelve years other wise according to age.

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