severe pain on and off in exact 3 positions right leg lower abdomen and back sinc ten years before marige pain subsidies with mensss b t continue after few daz after menses usg:- gb ston and uterus fibroid barium meal and ivp normal

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Cholelithiasis will need lap chole and most probably that will resolve pain abdomen. fibroid or PID may cause low back pain. Look for PID as there is fluid in pouch of doughlas. Antibiotic treatment in that case may resolve the low back pain

What you want to know from us?

Gb stone require lap choly and fibroid and renal stone reassurance

wht is the cause of pain fixed position for last ten years

pain is since long when no GB ston and fibriod

required a mri l s spine it maybe due to lumber rediculitis

Cholelithiasis is asymptomatic, so do not require any treatment( pain lower abdomen is not due to GB stones) For lower abd pain... rule out PID and genital TB (as ct chest show features of? tb).. For renal stone advised urineC/E and conservative management with plenty of fluids or hydration therapy For back pain and rt leg pain advised MRI LS spine to rule out PIVD and spinal TB

Also advised sputum for AFB, ESR and mantoux as chest ct show? tb

@dr supreet stone is in gb neck

If patient is symptomatic with pain rt hypochondrium or epigastric region, go for lap chole

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difficult to explain that all three sites pain subsides with menstruation. y should the uterus be bulky?

As on i agree to dr pranay one cant wait for comlication to happen lap choly earliest possible

approx only 1% of patients with asymptomatic stones develop complications before onset of symptoms, so prophylactic cholecystectomy is not warranted in asymptomatic ( ref- sabiston) But seeing the report, patient should be symptomatic, so advised proper history taking.. if any symptom of GB disease, go for lap chole

It's multi organ disease, confirm koch's with serum ADA MTB, blood test recognised by WHO. Pain is due to renal calculus, advised Norfloxacin with analgesics and hydration therapy with diuretics and treat on priority basis.

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