Severe periodontitis case

Chief Complaint A 42-year-old female presents with the complaint of halitosis. History No history of any allergies, tobacco use or any other medical condition. Family history is remarkable. Investigations On examination, she has red inflamed gingiva, many mobile teeth & severe periodontitis & grade 3 calculus. OPG shows extensive bone loss and calculus accumulation. Treatment What is your comment on diagnosis and treatment?


Cause of halitosis One of them is periodontitis Very bad oral hygiene main cause for halitosis Best dental & oral dental specialist opinion


Deep prophylaxis under antibiotic coverage.Full mouth flap surgery with grafting can save teeth if not then extractions followed by rehabilitation

Chronic generalized periodontitis Remove all the mobile teeth with full mouth rehabilitation

Further serological tests (I.e CBP,INR,HIV,Hepatitis)and history of any medications(eg hypertensive,epileptic) ,history of fever are to be ruled out for diagnosis and treatment planning

Hello doctor, this is the case of generalized periodontitis . Treatment planning Adv. CBC , APTT, PT, INR.(if patient is on blood thinner) .full mouth extraction under broad spectrum antibiotic coverage Full mouth rehabilitation. Adv . .metrogyl DG gel tds apply over affected area gums as well as other soft tisues for 15 days .Stolin gum paint apply twice a day on gums for 15 days .tab augmentin 625 mg tds for 5 days .tab zerodol sp bd for 5 days .tab pan -d od (empty stomach) for 5 days . warm saline rinses thrice a day.

Adv .CBC,platelet count, CT,BT, Role out bleeding disorder.


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