Share your knowledge of managing COVID-19 patient?

77 yeas old female with a background notable of metastatic small bowel GIST. The patient is on chemotherapy, HTN, thyroidectomy, cholecystectomy presented with 10 day Hx of intermittent fevers, nonproductive cough, and increased Shortness of breath. PO2 8.8 on FiO2 0.85 on admission Admitted to ICU and Intubated Lung protective ventilation commenced but desaturated to 80% following RIJ CVC. Decompressed by the bedside and a CXR was performed that revealed large pneumothorax. The chest drain inserted with pneumothorax resolved gradually. 1 day after admission the admitting diagnosis was confirmed COVID-19. What are your experiences and knowledge of managing COVID-19 patients? Please discuss



No experience of managing covid19 pt Only theortical discussions 1st xray presents spiral trachea GGO bilateral Cardiomegaly 2nd picture shows pneumothorax rt side Mediastinum pushed to lt 3rd picture shows good expansion 4th picture shows icd in situ Central line in situ Chest is expanded and GGOs are as it is Pt has complex history Management is highily skilled Good going

Thanx dr Abira Nousheen F

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No experience in management of COVID-19 pisetive patient till now With so many complications at the age of 77 year's.... approaching such patient is ... really a great job . Keep going... Explain the prognosis Plz keep precaution in mind for self...

Thanks Dr. Vipin Bihari Jain

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Covid 19 positive case, ards, intubation, rt pneumothorax, then ICD, good re expansion, overall nicely managed. Perhaps barotrauma is culprit. No experience in management of covid 19 pts. Continue same track of treatment.

Ground glass opacity, COVID 19 +ve. So many comorbidities and elderly age means low immunity level. Prognosis in this case is not good .

Thanks Dr Vipin Bihari Jain

Ground Glass opacity, Cardiomegaly nCoViD-19 +ve Elderly with so many diseases (comorbid conditions) Prognosis is unpredictable

Thanks Dr @Vipin Bihari Jain & Dr @Gyanendranath Tripathy

Nice case presentation,it only confirms that Covid-19 affects aged people c comorbid conditions. Thanks for the post

Thanks dr.Vipin bihari jain

Cardiomegaly ,Ground glass appearance both lung fields ? Pneumonitis ad test for COVID 19

Covid19 positive Considering other factors prognosis to be explained

Prognosis is not good with many diseases and age

ventilatory support

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